IT Support

Magdalene Catholic College offers I.T supports for all staff and students. If you are experiencing any problems with your MacBook or the machine has been damaged you need to lodge a request for IT Support Ticket. The link for IT support can be found on your Compass page or use the links below.

The College can issue students with a Loan MacBook for a maximum of two weeks while their personal machine is away being repaired or replaced. Complete the Online Loan Request Form using the "Loan Request" tab above.

IMPORTANT: Any damage caused to the College issued loan MacBook must be paid for. The Loan request form can be downloaded using the link below. or web:

The College can not carry out Hardware Repairs as this would breach the Apple Warranty but our experienced technician can offer Advice, Software Support and account support. For warranty repairs and quotes on non-warranty repairs, the MacBook should be taken to the School recommended local Apple repairer EduComIT located at unit 14,151 Hartley Rd Smeaton Grange NSW 2650. (see information at the bottom of this page)

Warranty Repairs

Please be aware that the standard warranty is limited to only 12 months unless the *AppleCare+ Protection plan is purchased this will extend the warranty to a full three years (36 months).

Replacement MacBook - Warranty repairs

When a student MacBook is sent away for warranty repairs the IT department will supply the student with a College loan MacBook on a short term loan (two weeks maximum)

Note: Any damage caused to the college issued MacBook must be paid for.


When you purchase Apple hardware products, you will also receive coverage from the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty. You can also obtain additional benefits by purchasing the optional AppleCare Protection Plans.

Click here for warranty information and check coverage.

Non-Warranty Repairs

If your MacBook is damaged it can be repaired by a range of repair agents.

To provide families with a quick and simple method of getting Notebook/MacBooks repaired, the following options are available.

1- Lodge an online IT support request

- Click here

- Or here

- The IT staff will be able to assess the extent of the damage and provide advice on the best course of action by replying to the email and advising a time to attend the I.T Office.

2. Damaged MacBooks - Quote required

- If the MacBooks has been physically damaged and can no longer be used you should arrange a quote on repairs.

3. MacBooks - New MacBook Purchased

If the MacBooks has been physically damaged and can no longer be used and you intend to purchase a new one.

Click on the link to purchase a new one or purchase a new MacBook Pro from any commercial Apple supplier.

Our recommended Authorised Local Apple retailer & Repairer is


Phone: 02 4605 0499


unit 14,151 Hartley Rd Smeaton Grange NSW 2650

To Purchase Apple Products, Apple Warranty Repairs on all Apple Products and Non-Warranty Repairs on all Apple products

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