MacBook Setup

Managed Software Center (Munki)

Magdalene operates a “Managed Software Center” which is a MacOS application set up by the College that makes it possible to install licensed software that has been checked and packaged to be safely installed on student’s MacBooks. By using the Managed Software Center, students can perform installations, updates, and removal of software on their own without intervention from the College.

IMPORTANT: Before installing the Managed Software Centre it is imperative the Apple Operating System is up to date.

Software installation and updates can be completed at School or Home.

This link will download the Managed Software Centre (Munki) installer

This link will Install Magdalene WiFi Setup

This link will download the un-installer file to Remove Managed Software Centre Removal

New Student MacBook Instructions.pdf

The Link below contains instructions on how to correctly Name your MacBook and how to install other software the school would like installed on your notebook for school.

Device Name Must be set to School Student ID number found on your Timetable or in Compass eg, 20*****_2024 (2024 This would be the Year you Graduate School)